Amanda Dahlia © 2018 Patty Hankins

Dahlias from my Petals Show

As you’re reading this, I’m still in New Orleans with my New Orleans Photo Tour. So I thought I’d share some of the dahlia photos in my Petals show. Don’t forget,  you can save 20% on matted prints of photos in the show ordered from my website at https://beautifulflowerpictures.com/store/petals-feb-2018/   Use coupon code PetalsFeb2018 to save 20% until February 28.  …

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Pink Gelato Carnation © 2018 Patty Hankins

Carnations from my Petals Show

As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to New Orleans to lead my New Orleans Photo Tour. I’m really looking forward to sharing one of my favorite cities with a group of students. Not only will we spend the week photographing, but we’ll also be enjoying the music, the culture and the food in the Crescent City. While I’m…

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Blush Parasol Spray Rose 2018 Patty Hankins

Five Reasons I Love Photographing Flowers in my Studio

At the opening reception for my Petals show, several people asked me why I’ve switched from photographing flowers in gardens and in the wild, to photographing them in studio. My answers seemed to surprise them, so I thought I’d share five of the reasons I love to photograph flowers in my studio with you today. When I’m photographing in my…

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At Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle, WA © 2018 Patty Hankins

A Visit to Chihuly Garden & Glass in Seattle

I spent several hours photographing at the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle last summer. As I explored the incredible art created by Dale Chihuly, I found myself creating some abstract photos showing just parts of an installation rather than trying to capture an entire installation. I though I’d share a few of my photos of Chihuly’s incredible glass…

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Grave in Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington DC © 2018 Patty Hankins

A Visit to Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington DC

I’m back to editing and sharing photos from some of the incredible cemeteries I have visited. Today’s photos are from Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington DC. Originally founded in 1719, the cemetery became Washington DC’s public cemetery in 1840. Shortly afterwards, it was expanded in the style of the rural cemetery movement. The cemetery is full of fascinating monuments and…

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Petals – Opens Today – Reception on Friday Feb 2

I’m so excited! It’s finally time for you to see my new show Petals on display in the Merge Gallery at Artists & Makers Studios 2, 12276 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, Maryland. The show features 34 close up  photographs of flowers, most photographed in my studio. The opening reception is tomorrow evening, Friday February 2 from 6 to 9 PM. If…

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Believe on one of the Kid's Trees, Longwood Gardens (c) 2018 Patty Hankins

Christmas at Longwood Gardens 2017 – A few last photos

I didn’t make it up to Longwood Gardens to photograph A Longwood Christmas until after the first of the year. So I’m sharing my photos later than usual this year. This year’s theme was the French heritage of the DuPont family. It was absolutely beautiful and elegant. Here are my last few photos from various rooms in the Conservatory In…

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Pink & White Spray Carnations © 2017 Patty Hankins

Pink & White Spray Carnations – In the Studio

Today I have a set of photos of a bunch of pink & white spray carnations to share with you. I loved seeing the patterns and the textures in the petals – and the wonderful shades of pink                                

White Peony Center © 2017 Patty Hankins

White Poeny Center – New Photo

I’ve recently added a new photo –  White Peony Center  – to my BeautifulFlowerPictures.com website When I saw this beautiful white peony at a local garden, I was fascinated by the overlapping curves of the petals and the little bits of red along a few petals at the center. My hope with this photo is to share the sense of wonder I…

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Graveyard Angel Bonaventure Cemetery Savannah Palladium Toned Kallitype

I’m excited to share another of my palladium-toned kallitypes with you One of the amazing graveyard angels at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. This photograph is printed using the late 19th-century photographing printing process known as Kallityping. The emulsion is hand-painted onto the paper, exposed with a negative under bright lights, and toned with palladium. Each print from a negative…

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