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A Few More Hibiscuses – Hibiscus rosa sinensis

A few months ago, I posted some photos of several hibiscus flowers I photographed over the winter. Recently, I’ve edited a few more photos of some spectacular hibicus flowers.

All of these photos were taken at Longwood Gardens.

First is the Fifth Dimension Hibiscus. The first time I photographed this flower, the petals were a striking silver and yellow.


(c) 2009 Patty Hankins

hibiscus_fifth_dimension_1248(c) 2009 Patty Hankins

On a more recent visit, the flowers on the Fifth Dimension Hibiscus plant were orange, pink and silver. Both versions of the Fifth Dimension Hibiscus are spectacular.


(c) 2009 Patty Hankins

Another very striking hibiscus blossom was the Kiss and Tell Hibiscus. The deep red color of the petals on this flower is amazing.

hibiscus_kiss&tell_0792(c) 2009 Patty Hankins

And finally, the Erin Rachel Hibiscus, with petals of a slightly softer shade of pink and peach.

hibiscus_erin_rachel_0666(c) 2009 Patty Hankins

The hibiscus blossoms at Longwood Gardens are always spectacular. It seems that every time I visit, I discover another new gorgeous variety of this wonderful flower.

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