Sky Wings Siberian Iris © 2016 Patty Hankins

A Few Last Irises for 2016

I think I’ve found all of my iris photos from earlier this year and this is the last set for me to share. These area a few Siberian irises, Japanese Water irises and a Blue Flag Iris. Blue Flag Iris – Iris Versicolor   Sky Wings Siberian Irises   Siberian Irises in a Field   Japanese Water Irises      …

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Clear Morning Sky Bearded Iris © 2016 Patty Hankins

A Few Bearded Irises

I realized that I never shared my last sets of irises from this spring. So today I’ll be sharing some photos of bearded irises – and I’ll share the siberian, flag and water irises soon. I hope you enjoy a last taste of spring bearded irises.                          

Pink Dogwood - cornus florida © 2016 Patty Hankins

Spring Morning at Greenspring Gardens

In mid-April, I spent a wonderful morning photographing at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia. Like most of the gardens, Green Spring has flowers and plants to photograph most of the year. In the spring – Green Spring really shines. Mid-April through Mid-May is my favorite time of year to visit this lovely garden. Here’s what I found to photograph…

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Over Alaska and Bon Appetit Bearded Irises © 2013 Patty Hankins

A Few More Bearded Irises

As I was looking through some of my photos, I realized I never posted the last few bearded iris photos from last year. So I figured I’d better get them posted – before I start photographing bearded irises this year – and have many more photos to share. Knock Em Dead Bearded Irises Tijuana Brass Bearded Iris Olympic Challenge Bearded…

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Sierra Grande Bearded Iris © 2013 Patty Hankins

Purple and White Bearded Irises

I posted the first few iris photos I took at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens a few weeks ago. I’ve been having a wonderful time editing the other photos I took there – my challenge was how to organize them so that I don’t end up posting a random bunch of irises. I’ve decided to post them by color. So…

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Bearded Irises

© 2009 Patty Hankins As I’ve been looking over some of the photos I haven’t posted to my blog, I realized that there are several bearded iris photos that you may not have seen.  I’ve photographed several wonderful varieties of bearded irises in recent years – they are one of my favorite spring flowers. © 2012 Patty Hankins According to…

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Irises at Brookside Gardens

Every spring one of my favorite flowers to photograph at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland are the irises. This year was no different. In addition to the Snake’s Head Iris that I wrote about in April, I’ve photographed several other lovely irises. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed photographing them. In March, I photographed some…

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Tour de France Iris – May 2011 Photo of the Month

Tour de France Iris (c) 2010 Patty Hankins I photographed this incredible Tour de France Iris last spring. I just loved the combination of yellow, gold and white in the flower contrasting with the green leaves in the background. The iris was named after the Tour de France and the gold of the petals honors the yellow jersey worn by the…

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New Photo: Tour de France Iris

Tour de France Bearded Iris (c) 2010 Patty Hankins I’ve just added a new photo – Tour de France Bearded Iris – to my Beautifulflowerpictures.com website. I just photographed this iris a week ago at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland. I loved the contrast of the bright white and bold gold of the petals against the dark greens and reds…

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Bearded Irises at Brookside Gardens

Last week, I spent about an hour photographing Bearded Irises at Brookside Gardens – between the raindrops. The flowers were gorgeous, with great diffuse light provided by the cloudy sky. The only problem was – the occasional sprinkles that turned to a downpour. Even with the weather – I came back with some wonderful photos of bearded irises. The first…

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