Green & White Tulip © 2017 Patty Hankins

In the Studio: Green and White Tulips

A couple months ago I photographed a set of Green and White Tulips in my studio. I finally got around to editing them – thought I’d share them with you today                          

Phalaenopsis Orchids © 2017 Patty Hankins

A Few Phalaenopsis Orchids

I was going through my files and found several sets of Phalaeonopsis Orchid photos that I’ve never edited and shared. So I thought I’d share some of them with you today. Also known as Moth Orchids, phalaeonopsis orchids are among the most popular orchids. Through selective breeding and hybridization, orchid growers have developed moth orchids in incredible colors and patters….

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Top 5 Tips for Taking Great Close Up Photos of Flowers

Spring flowers are finally blooming here in the DC area. Enough cherry blossoms survived last week’s winter weather to bloom beautifully at the Tidal Basin. Wildflowers are starting to bloom at local parks. And it won’t be long until the tulips are blooming at local gardens. Since for many photographers, spring means it’s time to get the camera out after…

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Last Chance to Save! Early Bird Pricing Ends on March 31!

Early Bird Registration for my May 15 – May 20 Gardens of Philadelphia workshop ends Friday March 31. All the info, including registrations info is on my website at http://beautifulflowerpictures.com/photographing-gardens-philadelphia/ They say April Showers Bring May Flowers. Which means with 30 gardens in the Philadelphia are, that should be a perfect place to spend a week photographing flowers. I would…

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Black Bellied Whistling Duck, Audubon Park, New Orleans © 2017 Patty Hankins

Photos from the Road: Audubon Park in New Orleans

On my recent trip to New Orleans, I spent some time at Audubon Park in New Orleans. This beautiful park is an oasis of a nature in the city. With live oak trees, a walking/jogging trail, picnic shelters, and a lagoon, Audubon Park is a popular place for residents and visitors to enjoy some quiet time outdoors.  These photos are just…

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Pink & White Tulip © 2017 Patty Hankins

In the Studio: Pink & White Tulips

I recently photographed a set of pink & white tulips in my studio. What I found most fascinating about this set of blossoms was the little petals in the center of the flowers that curved over the stamens. I hope you enjoy seeing this set of tulip photos.                    

Lavender Poppy Anemone © 2017 Patty Hankins

Introducing Seven New Photos for Spring!

I wanted you to be the first to hear that I’ve added seven new photos for spring to the store on my BeautifulFlowerPictures.com website. The new photos include three tulips photographed in my studio,     two close-up photos of flowers,   and two black and white photos of Live Oak Trees         You can see them all in…

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Catemaco Lily © 2017 Patty Hankins

Lovely Lilies

I love seeing the big beautiful Asiatic lilies at local botanical gardens. I’ve been going through my files editing up some of my lily photos. I thought I’d share some of them with you today. Vendome Lily Spectator Lily   Catemaco Lily   Crystal Blanca Lily Nova Zembla Lily     Tollo Lily

Brick Patterns, Armstrong Park, New Orleans © 2017 Patty Hankins

Photos from the Road: Armstrong Park in New Orleans

On my recent trip to New Orleans, I spent some time at Louis Armstrong Park in New Orleans. This wonderful park honors Jazz Great Louis Armstrong and his amazing music. These photos are just some quick edits of photos I did while I was on the road – at some point I’ll go back and do more comprehensive edits on…

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What a Difference an F-Stop Makes

I recently got an email from a novice photographer commenting on how they liked that in some of my photos just one flower is in focus – and in others – everything is in focus. And they wanted to know how I got my photos to look like that. Did they need Photoshop or was there another photo editing software…

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