Orange Parrot Tulip © 2017 Patty Hankins

Tulip Abstracts

As I’ve been preparing the photos for my Tulipmania show, I’ve been finding myself creating  photographs unlike any I’ve ever created before. They focus on the colors, the patterns, and the textures I’m seeing in the flowers. I’ve also been doing some reading about abstract painters and photographers to see where others have drawn their inspiration. Pablo Picasso wrote “There…

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Light Pink Van Dyke Tulip Petal © 2017 Patty Hankins

In the Studio: Light Pink Van Dyke Tulips

I recently photographed a set of Light Pink Van Dyke Tulips in my studio.  The patterns and swirls of colors in the petals of these tulips were amazing so that’s what I emphasized in my photos. I thought I’d share some of those photos with you today.              

Phalaenopsis Orchids © 2017 Patty Hankins

A Few More Phalaenopsis Orchids

As promised, here are the rest of the phalaenopsis orchid photos I’ve recently edited Also known as Moth Orchids, phalaeonopsis orchids are among the most popular orchids. Through selective breeding and hybridization, orchid growers have developed moth orchids in incredible colors and patters.              

Working the Scene: This Time With Flowers

A while back,  I shared an article about Working the Scene where I talked about trying different compositions when you’re in the field photographing the landscape. Since then, I’ve gotten a few questions asking if I do the same thing when photographing flowers. And the answer is yes. I do the same three things photographing a flower at a garden…

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Musicians, French Quarter, New Orleans © 2017 Patty Hankins

Photos from the Road: Musicians in the French Quarter

On my recent trip to New Orleans, I spent some time walking around the French Quarter photographing the various musicians playing in the streets. One of the wonderful things about New Orleans is the music. Where ever you walk in the city, you’re likely to hear music coming out a window or find a musician or band playing on a street…

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Join Me for A Morning on A Lavender Farm

Imagine spending a morning photographing and spending time with other flower lovers on the largest lavender farm in Maryland! Imagine yourself photographing among rows of lavender plants in full bloom. Smelling the wonderful aromas. Hearing the songbirds in the woods. Learning how to take better photographs from a professional flower photographer. Shopping for handmade luxury bath products created with lavender…

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Orange, Pink, Peach, Coral, Green, & Yellow Tulip © 2017 Patty Hankins

In the Studio: Orange, Yellow, Pink & Green Tulips

I recently photographed a very colorful set of tulips in my studio. Depending on which flower I photographed, I saw shades of orange, yellow, pink, peach, coral or green. I loved all the colors and shapes I saw in the petals. I thought I’d share some of those photos with you today.                …

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Staircase Group Lupines © 2017 Patty Hankins

Staircase Group Lupines

I recently photographed a spectacular set of Staircase Group Lupines at a local botanical garden. I couldn’t believe the shades of pink and purple in the flowers when I saw then. I knew I had to photograph them. Thought I’d share the photos of them with you today          

Grave at Metarie Cemetery, New Orleans © 2017 Patty Hankins

Photos from the Road: New Orleans Cemeteries

On my recent trip to New Orleans, I spent some time photographing at two cemeteries. Cemeteries in New Orleans are unlike any I’ve photographed in other places. Between the above ground mausoleums, the voodoo traditions and all the incredible scuplture, places like Lafayatte Cemetery and Metarie Cemetery are a photographer’s dream.   These photos are just some quick edits of…

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If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I’ve been sharing a lot of photos of tulips recently. There’s actually a reason for this – I’ll be having a solo show of my Tulip photographs during the month of May in the Montgomery County Camera Club Gallery in the Artists & Makers 2 Building in Rockville….

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